Beliefs and Vaules

We are an agency guided by our beliefs and core values

Think differently.
Be optimistic. Keep Believing. Take Action. Keep Growing. Dream Big.

Our Beliefs

Think Differently: We believe in challenging conventional thinking and thinking differently for ourselves and our clients.

Be Optimistic: We believe in inspiring and be optimistic for our clients. We enjoy helping our clients envision what they can accomplish.

Keep Believing: We believe our core values should be unchanging, and our convictions about life will influence the choices that we make for our clients. We believe people are at the heart of successful enterprise and organisations.

Take Action: We believe in being proactive for our clients and helping them to see what’s possible. We have an upbeat attitude as we encourage our client to feel more enthusiastic about their business.

Dream Big: We believe in helping our clients envision what they can accomplish, sharing dreams and hopes as this helps keep hopes and dreams alive.

Keep Growing: We believe having a growth mindset brings clarity and self-awareness, helping individuals and businesses fulfil their purpose as a brand.

Our Vaules

Long-term partnerships: Filter's ethos is centred on client retention. We focus on developing partnerships based on mutual trust and understanding.

Strong value-for-money: We keep our expenses to a minimum because we're determined to offer our clients substantial value. We also avoid the "expenses game".

Results-led:  We consider the consistency of output vital for keeping clients happy. One way of doing this is to execute work that are objectives-led and highly targeted.

Being proactive: We are not a reactive agency – waiting for instruction from the client. We aims to be proactive—executing work independently and with minimum guidance.